Mace Windu Rocks Cup 002

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Enjoy your favorite wine or mixed drink in this cup inspired by the Star Wars character Mace Windu. The Aurebesh text reads Windu and Includes a Jedi Order signet.

This 10 oz cup is designed to be comfortable the hand and pleasant to drink from. It is ideal for your favorite mixed drink, cold beverage or glass of wine. Plaster molds (made from thrown originals) are used to make the each piece. I then use the potters wheel to create a bevel on the lip and finish the cup. This cup is made using a stoneware clay. Colored slips and glazes are used to decorate the piece making each piece unique. 

Dimensions 3.75 x 3.75 x 4 inches

Every Heerspink Ceramic piece is handmade and finished by me. 

This piece is Microwave Safe and Dishwasher Safe.