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Next Update: May 25 @1pm EST. The members of Phoenix Squadron will be arriving in the store. This next update will consist of all the main characters from the animated Star Wars show Rebels. Also included in this update will be a number of new planters in various character designs. Preorder for the work will be up on Thursday May 23.

June Preorder: The Bad Batch. Included in this preorder will be all the members of clone force 99, including Imperial Crosshair and a new Omega design. This will be the best time to acquire the characters that might be missing from your collection, so mark your calendars.

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About Eric Heerspink Ceramics

Eric is a ceramic artist living and working from his studio located in Jenison, Michigan. In his functional ceramic work, Eric addresses the Star Wars monoculture through the use of forms, shapes, patterns, and colors that reference the familiar aesthetic of Star Wars and its subsequent sequels.

His work is made using various ceramic techniques, such as wheel throwing and slip casting. Each piece is hand decorated with slips and glazes. Through this process, pieces are created that are uniquely one of a kind. Each piece is fired in an electric kiln to 2150 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Every piece is designed to be used and enjoyed. To this end, all the work is food safe. Bring a little piece of a Galaxy Far Far Away into your everyday with an Eric Heerspink original piece.