Shopping Tips

The work has been selling quickly as of late. Here are some tips for shopping updates.

1. Shop Early:

The work goes quickly and with only one piece per listing, it's entirely possible to miss out on that character you want. Shopping as soon as the work goes live will give you the best chance of getting your choice of pieces. If you are in the store before the work goes live be sure to refresh your browser window when it goes live. 

2. View the Preview:

View the preview and plan your attack. Figure out which piece(s) you like the most and use the search to go directly to that piece when the work is live. I also recommend ranking your choices for help with number 4 below.

3. Save Your Info: 

The faster you can checkout the more likely to snag the piece you have your eye set on. PayPal is a great option for fast checkout. You can also save your billing and shipping info in your computer and auto fill the fields. Regardless of how you checkout, be sure to have all the information close at hand.

4. Make Multiple Checkouts:

Due to the nature of the shop, pieces are not yours when they are in your cart. It is possible for someone to checkout with a piece that is in your cart while you are still shopping. I recommend checking out as soon as you have that first piece you desire. Then, go back for subsequent choices. This way you are more likely to get at least one piece on your list. Don't worry about paying the extra shipping with multiple orders. I combine multiple orders and refund any overages in shipping charges.

5. Didn't Get the Piece you wanted?

 If you didn't manage to get the piece you wanted or the character isn't included in this update, please don't worry! There will be other opportunities as I will be making more in the coming months. I tend to rotate the characters offered in the updates and have a balance between Updates and Preorders. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list and follow my social media accounts to stay up to date with which pieces will be hitting the store next.